Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Belly

These (above) are me around Thanksgiving...a little more rotund, but not a lot lot lot. Here's a couple (below) from me this week. Bigger and bigger grows the belly. (And the boobs.)

I don't think I really look as pregnant as I appear in the second one below...I don't know...I look sort of hugely pregnant in this picture, which is pretty exciting...I just don't know if I always look quite this big in real, daily life.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So, I am a terribly irresponsible correspondent it seems. I have only one excuse. The holidays. Oh, and they whole end of semester grading and finishing of teacherly duties. So, obviously it's not my fault.

Now I will tell you the real reason I haven't written - I have taken some pics of myself looking a bit fatter about the middle and have been too busy (read: lazy and disorganized with my time) to upload them to post them, as a result, I have just NOT posted. I really want to post the pictures, but I don't want to upload them... I mean, it would probably take a whole 2 minutes to be done with it.

So, in the last month, I have definitely gotten a bit more popped out at the center...and my queasiness is subsiding. Though, I still have a sensitive (FUN!) gag reflex. I think pretty consistent heartburn might be taking the place of nausea. Cool.

Also in pregnancy related news, I had crazy chest pain (right under my left clavicle) that woke me up in the middle of the night...and started radiating down my left arm. It was quite painful, and the midwife on call at the birth center told me, without asking any questions, that I should go immediately to the ER. Yay, the ER early early early on Christmas Eve morning. Well, about six hours, one EKG, one chest X-ray and multiple fits of uncomfortable sleep later, I was sure I wasn't having a heart attack, I didn't have pneumonia, a collapsed lung, or fluid in my lungs...and I was pretty certain I didn't have a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung) - but the doctor told me to report back to the ER STAT if I felt more pain and shortness of breath. At which time they would do a CT scan and, if they found a clot, they'd put me on a lovely, prenatally fun blood thinner. However, all you with bated breath, the pain decreased (except for heartburn) and I am breathing normally! No clot, I'd say!

Other than that, I have been very well...minus a little crazy gluteal pain...and very much NOT looking forward to going back to work!

(You'll notice no pics yet. That was the deal I had to make with myself to get me to post anything. Oh, the pressure!)