Monday, April 5, 2010

Who's That Girl?

So, these ultrasound pics are from a while ago. Woops, me. The top one is a side (profile) view of the baby's head and torso. Those two light blobs above the body are hands. While they were doing this, the ultrasound technician was trying to get the baby's face - they like to see it because it gives an idea of brain development, I guess. Anyway, the baby would not turn her head so that the face could be seen, so the technician kept jabbing away at my stomach...finally, she got it. And, she gave me a copy. I know it's important for them to see the crazy skull face (down below) but I would have taken one of the other cool ones of the whole body and spine...I'm not sure why she chose to give us the devil baby pic...but here it is. Say HELLo, Rosemary's Baby.

Several of our friends with kids have said that when they look back at the ultrasound after the baby is born, the ultrasound looks like their child. That is crazy to me...but I wonder what it will be like when I can actually see our little belly dweller...maybe these grainy blobs will really look like something...or, rather, SOMEONE then. Funny.

Jenny has also encouraged me to record any thoughts I have on the baby compare it to who she actually is when she comes out and her little personality is not veiled by many layers of flesh and fluid.

I'm not sure that I have any strong ideas about who she is. She doesn't kick a lot. She does more rolling and pressing movements than kicks and jabs. I suppose there is still time for her to become a big kicker, but so far she's not. The first midwife who listened to her heart beat said she was "shy" because she kept scootching away from the doppler...and they ultrasound tech made a comment about how she was constantly hiding her face. Maybe she will be shy? I don't know...that seems so weird and kind of negative to be projecting these things on to a little person I haven't met.

Kiyomi, on the other hand, has no reservations about making her guesses. She thinks that the baby seems pretty mellow and mischievous...or, she says, at least very clever. She also says she has short brown hair and olive skin.

I know that she moves pretty regularly, but not really violently - like kicks. She seems to move when my blood sugar is a little low...and also sometimes I can get her to move if I talk or sing, especially if I've been quiet for a while. If I'm moving around a lot, she stays more still...and at night she is often doing little twitching movements or rolling about...or having hiccups. She's been having these a lot lately. Last night she was hiccuping for quite a while at about 3:30 AM. It's an odd twitching sensation in my lower stomach...what any of this means personality or temperament-wise, I have no idea!

Yet, I do have this kind of...wordless idea of who she is. And she is very dear and somehow close to me already, though I can't really explain it...or describe any idea of who she is or will be... It's a very amazing and not always easily representable experience! I haven't even really had any dreams about her...except the very similar little girl (3 or 4 year old) that Kiyomi and I both had in our dreams many months ago, before we knew it was a girl. So...I'm just going to have to wait and see if anything else comes to me...and, soon, I suppose I'll just be meeting her in person.